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Our team has more than ten years of experience accumulation and has summarized enterprise informatization solutions for various industries, scales, and stages. Our project implementation team can more accurately and quickly identify customer specific needs, and tailor truly practical demand solutions for your enterprise.

Information System Integration Services

Adopting various integration technologies such as functional integration, network integration, and software interface integration. It is a multi vendor, multi protocol and application oriented architecture to solve the interconnection and interoperability problems between systems. Solve all integration oriented issues related to interfaces, protocols, system platforms, application software, etc. between various equipment and subsystems, as well as subsystems, building environments, construction coordination, organizational management, and personnel allocation.

Intelligent control system integration

Intelligent control system is a control system formed by combining comprehensive wiring technology, network technology, automatic control technology, security technology, etc., which is efficiently integrated; Relevant facilities and centralized control.

Information system operation and maintenance services

The system administrator, network administrator or database administrator's service work for the information system, and the modification and adjustment service for the software after delivery, so as to improve the operating efficiency of the information system and reduce execution errors.

Development of Network and Information Security Software

Information security technology includes encryption technology, firewall technology, intrusion detection technology, security authentication technology, etc. Among them, encryption technology is one of the most fundamental technologies in information security technology. Encryption technology can transform information into a form that is difficult to crack, thereby ensuring the confidentiality of information. Firewall technology can prevent network attackers from invading systems through the network, thereby ensuring the integrity of information.

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